Bethany Outreach Blitz 2014
A list of ideas generated from our December 18th Brainstorm.  Please be in prayer for God's direction on which of these we should take on in 2014 and for Him to raise up leaders to make it happen.


Establish a “Firewood headquarters”                         

Widow Outreach                                                                      

Offer CPR/First Aid Training                                                  

Host Hunter Education Courses                                                                                                   

Create a New neighbor basket                                                                                                     

Food pantry                                                                               

Handyman outreach                                                              

Habitat for Humanity          

Reach out to PCS families  

Presence at all local events

Target Single adults

Community Date night opportunity

Clothing closet

Movie night on soccer field

Self defense course

Divorce care


Blood drive

Basketball/soccer outreach

Summer day camp

Addiction support

Pump your gas event/gas cards

Drive thru meals

Car care for needy

Outdoor Ministry

Carpool Service

Make our space available for community events

Provide well-made “marketing” publications for members to share


Prison Outreach

Orphanage Support

Public School Connections

Workforce Assistance

Special Offerings to Fund Outreach

Bereavement Counseling

Nursing Home

Meals on Wheels

Work the Polls

Provide Financial counseling

Support Local Business Campaign

Partnering with Para-Church

Goodie Deliveries (Fire-EMS...)

Landscaping for Community

Community Clean-Up

Equip for Random Acts of Kindness

Free Car Wash in Louisa/Montp.

Utilize  Free Speech Zones

Provide Affordable child care

Keep Congregation Current on Opportunities Available

Social Media Outreach

Parenting classes

Provide ideas for local organizations we can join as individuals

Literacy Outreach for Adults

Lessons on How To...(make bread, sew, quilt, craft, read music....)

Christian Book Club